Key Benefits to Online Classes:

  • Train at your own pace, any day of the week 
  • Group class times don't work for your schedule 
  • Dog does not do well in group settings (extremely fearful, aggressive, reactive, etc.) 
  • Train from any location 
  • You learn best by being able to rewatch demonstrations as you practice 
  • Everyone in the family receives the same information, so everyone can be consistent! 

Our opinion: We think the best option for most people is to do both In-Person Group Classes and the Corresponding Online Group Class. The benefits to this are:

  • Get a jump start on teaching the skills before your in-person group class starts. This helps set you up for even more success during the in-person class as you are not teaching a brand new skill with distractions, but rather adding distractions to known skills! 
  • Your dog learns to focus through the distractions of a class environment, and you learn proper mechanics that are easier taught in-person. 
  • If you are absent from an in-person class due to work, or life is just too busy, you still have access to descriptive how-to's and videos to show you how to teach that week's skills.

CK9 memb​ership

Our CK9 Membership allows you to have all the content you need to create the most Courteous K9 out there! Whether you are looking for help with your puppy, foundation obedience, advanced obedience, or other sports and activities, we have you covered!

In addition to our exclusive blogs and all of our comprehensive online courses, you also receive the ability to have a trainer answer all of your questions in a discussion forum!

For only $25/month or $250/year (2 months free)!

Subscribe to our Membership above for just $25/mo and get lifetime access, with an active membership, to all the following​ classes, or purchase classes individually below:

Setting your dog up for Success

Learn how to set your dog up for success and get results faster with their upcoming group class, daycare, or board & train stay!

Learning How to Learn: Developing Clear ​Communication

Do you feel like you and your dog are speaking two different languages? Learn how to teach a variety of training concepts that make you more effective & efficient at communicating with your dog when training new skills, which results in faster progress!
3 months access to online coursecontent  

Foundations 1 - The Basics

This online class teaches all the foundations taught in Perfect Puppy or Courteous K9 such as: Name, Sit, Down, Eye Contact, Come, Loose Leash Walking, Leave it, Stay/Relax on Bed, etc.
3 months access to the online course content

Foundations 2 - Life Skills

This online class teaches you how to use the skills taught in Foundations 1, into skills that will hold up to real life distractions. It also gives you a variety of new skills that make living with our dogs as easy and enjoyable as possible!
3 months access to the online course content

Potty Training

Need help with potty training? This course will provide a comprehensive plan to follow and tips and tricks that make potty training much more simple and faster to achieve!
3 months access to the online course content

Crate Training & Games

Learn everything you need to know about crate training your new pup through a variety of games!
3 months access to the online course content

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