day training

Want a tired AND better trained dog when you come home? Day Training is a great alternative to traditional dog daycare's so your dog not only comes home tired, but better trained as well!

Day Training is an excellent option for puppies! While you are busy at work, we will continue your puppy’s potty training, socialize them to well mannered stable adult dogs through supervised play. They will also be learning basic obedience skills, toy play skills, relaxation, crate training, all while preventing or decreasing unwanted puppy behaviors!

This program is also an excellent option for high-energy dogs that need a lot of mental and physical activities! We can refresh the obedience skills they know, advance on behaviors of your choosing, teach new skills or work on anything they struggle with such as walking nicely on a leash or impulse control.

More Information

Daily Schedule

6:30-9am - Drop Off, Relaxation & Training Rotations
9-11am - Play Time!, Potty/Water Breaks
11-1pm - Relaxation & Training Rotations
1-3pm - Play Time!, Potty/Water Breaks
3-6pm - Relaxation in Crate, Pick Up

* Daycare Dogs will have their 1 training session during one of the training rotation times.

Detailed Information

Structured Play Time - Every dog will be supervised by trainers during playtime. During this time, we will make sure that all dogs are playing appropriately, and adapting their play style to the friend they are playing with. We feel strongly about working towards creating an environment that is as safe and comfortable as possible. If needed, trainers will redirect or correct for inappropriate behaviors such as barking, humping, marking, posturing, etc. Tools such as muzzles, leash/collar, or vibration/e-collars may be used at the discretion of the trainers.

Relaxation - We believe every dog should learn to have an off switch. This is one of the most useful skills that makes living with our dogs so much easier. If you had a busy day and do not have time to train, walk, or exercise your dog; they should be able to settle regardless through learning the important skill of cued relaxation. Learning to stay on a bed until released also comes in handy for when company arrive, when you are eating, want to watch a movie or read a book with everyone calm and relaxed! This skill also prevents or reduces a lot of anxiety in dogs.

Formal Training - Every dog will also receive 1 or 3 training sessions each day, based on the program you choose. During these sessions, your dog will learn or maintain basic obedience such as: Prompted & Offered Focus, Sit/Down/Stay, Come, Loose Leash Walking, Leave it, Focus around Distractions, etc. If doing well with these, they will practice in more difficult environments, learn advanced skills or sport foundations (tricks, nosework, rally, etc.)


What dogs are eligible?

Dogs need to at least have their bordetella and 2nd round of distemper shot in order to participate in our Daycare/Day Training services. They need to be current on flea/tick prevention. If they are having diarrhea, they need to have a negative fecal sample.

Dogs should generally be friendly with other humans and dogs, if you are concerned about any reactivity/aggression please contact us!

Do you need to do an evaluation with my dog prior?

No, but we require owners to inform us of any possible aggression and reactivity ahead of time, and if deemed necessary, we may request an evaluation. We typically evaluate dogs during their first day. Their day always starts with training rotations & relaxation on a bed where we can monitor how dogs are viewing staff and other dogs, and if there are any red flags, we will adjust how we introduce them to the group for play time.

How often would you recommend I bring my dog?

That is up to you! However, if your goal is for progression in training skills the more frequently, the better. We generally recommend coming at least twice a week if the goal is for an improvement in training skills. If you come an average of 2+ times a week, you can also buy a package for discounted rates!

Do you require dogs to be spayed/neutered at a certain age?

Nope! We do not generally have problems with any of our intact dogs, if we do notice any behaviors of concern that we think spaying/neutering may help we will inform you and make a suggestion. As long as you are a responsible pet owner, we will not deny any services based on your dog being intact.

However, we do generally request that females who are currently in heat be kept at home. We do make exceptions if needed, but if a female is in heat, they will not get any playtime out with the other dogs.

What to Bring & When to Come

• A hungry dog! (Dog's who are not food motivated are recommended to do Daycare until their food drive is built.)
• Daycare dogs- have their breakfast in a baggie or container - do not feed them their breakfast, we will use it for training!
• Day Training dogs - have their whole meal for the day in a baggie or container - do not feed them this day, we will use their food for training!
• Collar(s) + Leash + Your Dog!

*Dogs who lack food drive will generally have shorter training sessions in order to help build motivation and reduce stress. To build your dogs food drive, please view the free course "Setting your dog up for Success!"
Drop-off Hours: 6:30-9:00a.m.
*Day Training dogs are recommended to arrive no later than 8am.
Pick-up Hours: 3:00-6:00p.m.

*After 6pm, there will be a $20 late pickup fee per 15 minutes. If we are unable to get ahold of you by the time staff leave, your dog will be boarded overnight at your expense.

Daily / Package Rates & Registration

$35-40/day* (Daycare- 1 training session per day!)
$50-60/day* (Day Training- 3 training sessions per day!)
*Based on packages or daily rates

10 Day Package: $37.50/day (Expires in 5 weeks) /$375
20 Day Package: $35.00/day (Expires in 10 weeks) /$700

10 Day Package: $57.50/day (Expires in 5 weeks) /$575
20 Day Package: $55.00/day (Expires in 10 weeks) /$1100
1 Month (M-F) Boot Camp Package: $50/day (Expires in 4 weeks) /$1000

We would love to discuss your goals and training needs!

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