Group classes

Foundations 1 -The Basics (First Class):

PERFECT PUPPY (for puppies 5 months or younger)
COURTEOUS K9 (for dogs older than 5 months)
These classes are designed to teach you all the basics such as: prompted & offered eye contact, sit, down, come, walking nicely on a leash, leave it, relaxation on their bed, focus around distractions, etc. 
As well as discuss important topics such as developing impulse control, crate training and how to address typical problem behaviors and teach your dog to put their best foot forward!
6 weeks in-person group class  + 2 months of CK9 Membership / $150

*It is recommended to begin the online version of the class before your in-person class begins!

Foundations 2 - Life Skills (Second Class):

In this advanced obedience class, we build on foundation behaviors by adding in distractions and distance as well as acquiring new skills each week that make living with our dogs easier and more enjoyable. All of which are designed to help you build stronger and more reliable behaviors that hold up in real life settings! This class also prepares you for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test!
6 weeks in-person group class + online version of the class  / $150

*It is recommended to begin the online version of the class before your in-person class begins!
**Prerequisite is our Foundations 1 (Perfect Puppy OR Courteous K9). If you have completed classes elsewhere, you need to schedule an evaluation if you hope to skip foundations 1 class.

Advanced Classes:

Practice navigating side by side with your dog throughout an obedience course. You will learn crucial concepts on how to make walking nicely on, or off leash enjoyable for both human and canine, as well as practicing other obedience skills in the mix!
6 weeks / $105

In this class we will instill in the dog a desire to search for something we want them to find and an ability to communicate to us that they have found it, knowing that there is a great reward at the end of that search.
Nosework is a great skill to build dog's confidence, reduce environmental sensitivity and provide mental and physical exercise through teamwork with the handler.
6 weeks in-person group class  + online version of the class / $120
(some nosework supplies for practice at home is included) 

*It is recommended to follow along with the online version of the class (found in our CK9 Membership) before & during your in-person class!

You choose what skills you want to practice or get help with during your sessions. There will be rotations of one dog out at a time, the others in a crate or on place. Use your time how you wish and benefit from watching and learning the topics and skills the other students in the class choose for their time!
6 weeks / $150

Specialty Classes / Private Lessons:

Come take the Canine Good Citizen and/or AKC Trick Tests and earn title and ribbon showing off your dog's skills! 


Must be approved and scheduled by Ethan Hilgemann. Click HERE to email us to discuss what topics or behaviors you would like help with at a lesson in your home. 
30 minute in-home lesson/$100
1 hour in-home lesson/$150

*$2/mile beyond 15 miles from facility address

In-Home Private Lesson Packages

Four 30 minute in-home lessons/$300
Four 1 hour in-home lessons/$500

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