Add-on Services

Nail Trimming 
We do not spend 10 seconds on our nail trims like most groomers. We spend time on each nail, often trimming more than once in order to get as short as we can as well as to smooth the nail by rounding out the edges!

Bath & Brush & Nails 
Price Ranges from $25-50, depending on size of dog and coat length. Ask us how to get a free Bath, Brush & Nail at the end of your dog’s stay! $10/trim

Field Trips
Want your dog to practice their skills not just in a home environment but in public as well? With each Field Trip, we will take your dog out to dog-friendly public places to continue practicing their skills to become a Courteous K9!
Field Trips are $25/each

Want to add some enrichment and let your dog enjoy the great outdoors? Add on a hike or two!
Hikes are $25/each