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General Information

Board & Trains are customized programs designed to help you reach your goals with your dog.

While they are in a board & train program, Monday-Friday, they will be brought to the facility for daycare or day training, and then brought home each night to one of our trainer's personal homes.

While they are at a trainer's home, they will be interacting and playing with the trainer's dogs, but not allowed to harass them. They will also work on basic house manners such as potty training, and not jumping on counters!


Do you accept reactive/aggressive dogs into your program?

Yes, and No. We do accept some reactive or aggressive dogs into our programs on a case by case basis if you are going out of town. However, we do not accept dogs with reactivity/aggression as the main training goal for B&T. We have found that many reactive/aggressive dogs stop displaying the behavior with us generally pretty quickly, but as soon as we hand over the leash back to the owners, the behaviors start again. This is why we find it to be critical that YOU learn how to train and manage your reactive/aggressive dog through private lessons for the greatest long term success. Please look into our Reactive Remedy programs if reactivity/aggression is your main concern.

What is the daily schedule like in your B&T program?

Your dog follows the trainer around pretty much all day! Your dog will be at the facility when the trainer is working and participate in Daycare/Day Training and then when the trainer's shift is over and they go home, they bring your dog with them to their personal home. When they are at their home, they treat your dog like they would their own! The next day, they will be brought back to work with the trainer for their next scheduled shift!

Can I bring extra belongings during my dogs stay?

No. Our trainers bring your dog into their personal homes where everything is provided. We have limited space at the facility to store extra belongings. At drop off, you will be sent home with any extra belongings you bring.

Will my puppy/dog remember me at the end of their stay?

Yes! We have never had a dog who didn't remember their owners. We have even had dogs stay for 3-4 months and they still remembered their owner!

Do you require dogs to be spayed/neutered at a certain age?

Nope! We do not generally have problems with any of our intact dogs, if we do notice any behaviors of concern that we think spaying/neutering may help we will inform you and make a suggestion. As long as you are a responsible pet owner, we will not deny any services based on your dog being intact.

However, we do generally request that females who are currently in heat be kept at home. We do make exceptions if needed, but if a female is in heat, they will not get any playtime out with the other dogs.

How to get Started

Fill out the Boarding Registration form (click the link below) to prioritize what skills you want your dog to learn. When your dog is living with one of our trainers, we will look at your prioritized skills, assess where your dog is at, and the behaviors they display while they are with us. Then we will customize their program to work on a foundation that will set them up for the most success.

What to Bring
  • Collar + Leash
  • Any training tools (gentle leader, prong collar, e-collar, special tug, etc.)
  • Food - baggied by day or for longer stays measure the correct amount for the entire stay in 1 gallon zip lock bags!
  • Flea/tick preventative IF needing to be given during stay- put in baggie with date that it needs to be given
  • Any medication necessary
  • We provide everything else, do not bring extra toys, beds/blankets, etc. you will be sent home with extra items!

Board and Train Packages

2 Week Package (14 nights): $1,750 

Does your dog need to learn a few basic skills? Or you just want a jump-start on training? This program is for you!


  • Text, picture and/or video updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
  • 30 minute transitional training, so you, the owner, learn how to maintain your dog's new skills!
  • 3 months CK9 Membership
  • 50% discount on Group Classes for 3 months 
  • 25% discount on Private Lessons for 3 months
  • Lifetime Email Support with the Trainers

4 Week Package (28 nights): $3,000 ($500 discount!)

As trainers, we understand that the longer a dog practices skills, the more cemented they become, the easier it is for owner’s to maintain, and the happier the dogs and owners will be! Because of this, we have created a heavily discounted 30 day package, to encourage you to take this opportunity to receive the maximum growth and benefits!


  • Text, picture and/or video updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 
  • 1 hour of transitional training, so you, the owner, learn how to maintain your dog's new skills! 
  • 6 months CK9 Membership 
  • 50% discount on Group Classes for 6 months 
  • 25% discount on Private Lessons for 6 months 
  • Lifetime Email Support with the Trainers! 

We would love to discuss your goals and training needs!

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