Kate Thornton

Kate has been a lifelong collie person; her first collie was given to her before she was born! With a house always full of 3-4 dogs at a time, Kate trains to achieve calm, happy dogs and people! She believes that fair, attentive, and consistent training makes for a peaceful home. 

Kate has enjoyed competing in Obedience and Rally, but she has recently taken the leap into a new competitive field (for her!) with her first breed dog Tam O'. Kate has finished his Championship and he has had is first specialty win.

Kate has also had a Newfoundland and a Kelpie mix. From Baron and Scooter, Kate learned herding skills and a bit about water sports. With her Collies, she has enjoyed Obedience, Rally, Breed, Herding, and Therapy work. She routinely went to the University of Minnesota with one of her Collies to help students during mid terms and finals.

As a class instructor, Kate loves helping teams develop and refine their skills for both competition and daily life. She strives to help people realize their potential as trainers, and to help every dog/human team achieve their own goals.