Mikaela has always had a passion for animals. That passion has carried through in training dogs. Growing up she had a German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, and a Shepherd/Husky/Collie mix. As she aged, she developed allergy induced asthma, one of the allergens was animals. She chose to go the long process of allergy shots so she could be around animals. During this process, she looked into breeds that did not shed. Her “first dog” of her own, was a miniature schnauzer named Angel. She wanted to do more with Angel compared to previous family dogs.

After a lot of researching, she discovered the sport of Agility. Angel and Mikaela were very successful in their agility trials and Mikaela’s love for sport dog training began.

During college, Mikaela acquired Chloe. Chloe was a reactive (fear aggressive) miniature schnauzer. She barked excessively at people, something that made her nervous. She also was a typical schnauzer and barked a lot in general. Chloe was the dog that sparked Mikaela’s interest in animal behavior and behavior modification. Mikaela practiced behavior modification techniques and took a well-rounded approach teaching Chloe many tricks to boost her confidence, Chloe became a different dog! One who was much happier, and much more enjoyable to be around! Mikaela earned Trick Dog Championship titles with both Angel and Chloe. They were the first miniature schnauzers in the United States to earn this title!

In 2014, Mikaela obtained her first “real” sport dog, a crazy fast Border Collie named Flash. She had to re-learn the sport of agility with a much faster dog who challenged her timing and mechanics, she also had to continue to learn behavior modification techniques to handle the typical over-arousal issues found in many sport dogs. Flash and Mikaela are currently competing in agility, disc, dock diving, and doing tricks.

In 2017, Mikaela brought home Veda, a Belgian Malinois. Another high-energy, high drive dog! Veda is becoming a very well balanced dog! They are training in Mondioring, Agility, Disc, Dock Diving and Tricks. 

Over the 15 years Mikaela has been training and competing in dog sports, she has learned an expansive knowledge base through formal education of classes, seminars, workshops and through the experience of a variety of other professional mentors. Also, while working as the training manager at a large dog daycare facility, teaching many group classes every week, she is fortunate enough to have worked with thousands of dogs, gaining knowledge and experience you can’t find in a book.

Mikaela is an ambitious and dedicated trainer, constantly increasing her knowledge and experience in order to continually improve her abilities as a dog trainer.