Ethan Hilgemann

Ethan has always had a love of dogs. His first family dog was a rough collie named Sammy. Ethan remembers putting jerseys on Sammy to encourage him to play basketball! His family also had a border collie mix, named Quarter, and two dachshunds, Maddie and Ollie.

After graduating from college, Ethan adopted a German shepherd that he named Odin. While taking training classes with Odin, Ethan realized how quickly dogs can learn, and his interest in training began. This interest grew on his next deployment with the National Guard to Romania. Ethan was amazed by the skills, focus and drive of the military working dogs. Ethan was hooked!

When he returned Ethan adopted another German shepherd, Floki. Floki and Ethan compete in NoseWork, and he plans on competing in Rally Obedience. Odin and Ethan have worked on behavior modification to help with Odin's reactivity. Ethan plans to continue learning, and training to help other dogs with reactive and aggression issues, and to continue studying and exploring the psychology behind dog training.