Susan Breamer

Susan enjoys competitive dog sports, and currently has three golden retrievers. Tunes, Pyro and Azeri. Susan loves the attention to detail and precision needed for competition obedience, making it her favorite sport. Susan also loves to run flyball, and enjoys the team aspect of the sport.    Susan loves to see dog teams be successful, from basic pet manners to competitive sports. She has also been a 4H dog project volunteer, and feels it is very important to teach kids proper interactions with dogs.    Susan has become the trainer she is today because of the dogs of her past. She believes that each dog teaches us a lesson, and is thankful to every dog in her past that taught her so much. They may be gone, but their memories live on.

Susan started competing in dog sports in 2005 with her Golden Retriever Hank in Obedience. She then started to learn rally, and competed in rally with Hank, and her German Shepherd Tazer. She had a very sweet Golden Retriever named Rivet that taught her how to laugh in the ring when things went wrong. Susan also had a very special Golden Retriever named Filly who taught her even more about competitive obedience, and was her very first HIT dog. Filly taught her how to find better ways of communicating, how to focus in the ring as a handler, footwork, and many other things. In the end, Filly taught her about grief, and how to carry it in a way that you can use it as a strength for a better future.

Susan is thankful to work with so many dogs at Courteous K9, and for the lessons they continually teach. Susan takes high priority to continually learning, and becoming a better trainer.