Over the last 25 years, the science behind dog training has expanded tremendously through the research of animal behavior, cognition and learning theories. New techniques and methodologies are continually being developed as we increase our knowledge on the science behind how dogs learn. As trainers, we are constantly expanding our toolbox in order to help each unique dog and family.

Unlike many other trainers, we do not adhere to a specific ideology for training dogs. We have learned many different techniques through formal education such as: classes, seminars and workshops as well as through personal experience, and those of our many mentors. Our trainers have worked at a variety of training centers, and large dog daycares teaching many dogs, group classes and private lessons. We are honored to have worked directly with thousands of dogs and their owners, and through that process we have learned how unique each dog and family are! Because of this, we do not believe in a one size, fits all system. Our goal is to teach the humans, but also train the dogs in a way that is as clear, fair and enjoyable as possible. After getting to know you and your dog, we work to educate you on the techniques we think will best help you and your dog succeed!

Our mission is to help you achieve your goals, so you can enjoy life and it’s adventures as much as possible with your canine companion!